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F1 Prediction League

A free prediction league has been provided for you! Take part in predicting each of the winners, runners up, fastest laps etc. from all the races on this seasons F1 calender.

The site is completely free, you won't be finding any advertisements and you most definitely won't be spammed!

Compete against the world and your friends

When you join you will automatically be entered into the global league, but it doesn't just stop there. Private Leagues can be set up and the code simply passed amongst your friends so you can keep an eye on one anothers progress as the season unfolds.

Things have never been easier

Simplicity is the key word when relating to the F1 prediction site. The site has been made with F1 predictions in mind and only that in mind. When you register we don't want any of your information, we simply ask for your desired username and e-mail address (so we can send you your password, that's all, we won't be sending you spam!) and then you will be good to go!

Setting up private leagues is extremely easy also, you simply go to the standings page (after logging in). Either scroll down to the private league section or select 'Private Leagues' at the top of the page. Then select Create a Private League or Join a Private League (if you have been provided with a league code). Once you have created your league, you will be given a league code to give to your friends.

Be quick!

Get your predictions in quick! The deadline for predictions is the thursday at midnight before the upcoming race.

Register and Login now to start submitting your F1 predictions!